Tuition & Fees

2020-21 School Fees

Please see the ISH Fee Booklet 2020-21 for additional detailed information regarding our school fees.

Information about upcoming changes to the ASCP options and fees for the 2021-22 school year

Please note that from August 2021, the ASCP fees will be divided over 11 months (August -June), therefore families will not be charged for the month of July.  

Next school year, we will combine some of the services that are currently offered in the ASCP.  From August 2021, there will be two options for ASCP families to choose between:

  1. Full ASCP ( this service includes: morning club and ASCP full time until 5 pm):  1600 DKK per month
  2. Limited ASCP (this service includes: morning club and ASCP limited until 3.30 pm): 700 DKK per month


It is important that new families provide the school with their child’s Danish CPR or CDR number and registered address (as stated on the yellow Health Insurance Card, “Sundhedskort”) before September 1st.  The school fee for a student enrolled at ISH without a CPR number and for whom the school, therefore, does not receive a state subsidy is DKK 5.000,- per month. Please see this note for students starting school after August 31st for more information. For more information about deadlines for CPR, please see this document.

Additional Information

Payment Information and Payment Policies