Tuition & Fees


Monthly School Fees 2021-22

Grades Fees 2021-22
For students without a CPR number (all grades) 5000 DKK
Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K 3-4) 4,280 DKK
PYP (Kindergarten - Grade 5) 3,055 DKK
MYP (Grades 6 - 10) 3,220 DKK
DP (Grades 11-12) 3,690 DKK (includes IB fees)

Please click on the titles below for more information about our school fees, payment and bank account details. You can find additional details regarding our school fees in the ISH Fee Booklet 2021-22

Please note:

  • School fees are paid for all 12 months of the year, including July. 
  • We offer a sibling discount:
    • Amount of reduction for the 2nd child: 350 DKK per month
    • Amount of reduction for the 3rd child: 650 DKK per month
    • Amount of reduction for the 4th child: 1150 DKK per month
  • the school fee for students enrolled without a CPR number (all grades) is 5000 DKK per month. This is due to the fact that without a Danish CPR number, the school will not receive a state subsidy for your child.
  • the school lunch service is mandatory in Pre-Kindergarten and a lunch fee of 495 DKK per month will be added to school invoice for students in Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4. The After School Care Programme (ASCP) is included in the programme fee for Pre-K students.
  • in addition to the monthly school fees, parents of students in the IB Diploma Programme (grade 11& 12) are required to pay a monthly IB standard fee of 300 DKK per month as well as an annual DP Retreat fee, which is deducted in August. For details, please refer to the DP Related Fees page in our programme fee booklet.

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