Lunch Programme

Our lunch service is available for all students at the school. The lunch service is compulsory for all Pre- K students. Students in Kindergarten through DP2 will need to sign up to receive lunch.  We strive to serve a healthy and nutritious lunch and we serve a variety of hot, cold or packed lunches - depending on the season and the available produce. There are two lunch options available every day – a general option and a vegetarian option. This is complemented by salads and breads with lactose-free butter. All meat used is Halal. The school lunch is prepared by our chef and kitchen team at our main campus in Hellerup. The lunch menu is published weekly on this page.

Please note that although lunch is served at the school, we encourage families to pack a daily healthy snack for your child, and to provide a water bottle that can be kept at school and used by your child throughout the school day.

Should you have any questions relating to the student lunch service at ISH, you are welcome to send an email to

Lunch Menu Sep 13-17

All meals are served with salads.

Monday: Meat with bulgur and tomato sauce

Tuesday: Chicken with rice and cheddar cheese

Wednesday: Pasta with Bolenoz Sauce

Thursday: Chicken nuggets with potato

Friday: Baked fish with pasta


Vegetarian Option

Monday: Eggplant with bulgur and tomato sauce

Tuesday: Cauliflower with rice and cheddar cheese

Wednesday: Pasta with vegetables

Thursday: Fried halloumi with potato

Friday: Grilled vegetables with pasta

Lunch Menu Sep 20-24

All meals are served with salads.

Monday: Creamy mushroom sauteed rice

Tuesday: Chicken loaf  with pasta

Wednesday:  Minced potato with bulgur

Thursday: Dumplings with rice

Friday:  Spinach chicken wrap with pasta

Vegetarian Option

Monday: Green beans with rice

Tuesday: Zucchini gratin with pasta

Wednesday: Potatoes and bulgur with cheddar

Thursday: Falafel with rice

Friday: Pasta with spinach and cauliflower