Head of School's End of Year Message

Dear Parents,

We have come to the end of the year 2020. This has been a challenging year on so many levels and the difficulties we all had to overcome have forced us to live and work differently. It has been hard to adjust to new realities, but the changes and adjustments have come with silver linings.

The important thing in crisis situations is to reflect, learn, and introduce alternative ways in order to progress. In our mission statement, we write that we are all lifelong learners. With a growth mindset, our community has shown that we truly are lifelong learners who learn new approaches to adapt to new realities.

Thank you to each parent, for your commitment to support your children and the school.

Thank you to our staff who relentlessly learned alternative methods and inspired our students. Your hard work is always appreciated.

Thank you to the leadership team for going above and beyond to make plans to adapt to the new restrictions introduced by the government on several occasions.

I wish all our families a great holiday season and may you and your families be blessed with good health and prosperity!


Nedzat Asanovski

Head of School