Introducing our new high school programme - ISH STX

We are excited to announce that from November 2022, the International School of Hellerup will offer an additional high school programme - a Danish STX!

ISH STX students will have the option to choose between three educational profiles: "samfundsvidenskabelig" (social sciences), "naturvidenskabelige" (natural sciences) and "sproglig" (languages). At present, the programme is offered in Danish, however, in the near future ISH will introduce several subjects in English to enable international students to transition into the Danish system, should they so desire. We believe that the mixing of international students at ISH with their local Danish counterparts will be of cultural benefit to both. Different perspectives on and approaches to various issues will enable students to enrich their understanding of the many complex topics in today’s global environment. 

More details about this exciting new programme, including information about how to apply, is available here!