Introducing our new High School Campus!

We are happy to announce that due to us reaching full capacity at Rygårds Allé we will be moving the MYP5 and DP students to a new campus. The new campus will be situated in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen on Præstøgade, with classes beginning in August of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Students and parents that have been with us since before our move to Hellerup in 2015 may remember the Østerbro campus, as it is where the school was first located when it opened in 2009.

The new campus will host exclusively the MYP5 and Diploma Programme students, allowing them to have their own environment to develop both academically and socially. We are excited about this new chapter in the school’s development and believe that this decision will allow us to enhance the learning environment for all of our students.