ISHxperience Days

If you are considering applying to the IB Diploma Programme at ISH  and would like to learn more about the programme and our school, you are very welcome to visit our high school for an ISHxperience Day. These days are fantastic for getting an overview of the IB Diploma Programme at ISH and for prospective students to experience our school and the programme hands-on.  

During an ISHxperience Day, ISH students greet you and walk you through the day with our Student Guide Program. You experience the programme, academics, lunch break and social life of the school through a student's eyes.  We are a small community, open and ready to share ideas, and we hope you get the chance to feel welcomed in a real-life situation.  All teachers and students are naturally ready to answer your questions and get to know you. 

One advantage right now of booking an ISHxperience Day is that it allows you to visit the school, even with certain corona restrictions. All you need is a valid corona pass or a negative test.

ISHxperience Days dates: Tuesday 1st and Tuesday 8th February. Please call +45 70 20 63 68 if you wish to book a visit.