MYP Core Week

Core Week is a learning experience event in the MYP that takes place in May every year. The aim of the week is to engage students in interdisciplinary understanding and to celebrate their learning. The students study aspects of two or more subjects to synthesize skills. This is an overview of what the students did for core week this year:

MYP 1: The MYP1 students spent their core week exploring how Copenhagen is one of the most livable and sustainable cities in the world, a theme that is connected to their current unit about sustainability. The students visited a number of places relating to the topic such as CopenHill - a combined heat and power waste-to-energy plant and sports facility in Copenhagen, Fisketorvet - Denmark's most innovative and sustainable shopping center and Amagerfellæd, a space that was previously used as a military training area but which is now
a protected area. Visit the core week site for more information, photos and links to travel blogs created by the students!

MYP 2: The MYP2 focused on what changes occur in the body following exercise. They examined those changes through a range of events and activities including track & field data collection at Ryparken, cycling in Amagerfælled, orienteering at Charlottenlund, and a multisport tournament back at school. They have also enjoyed making snobrø on campfires and picnicking in the park.


MYP 3: The MYP3s learned about and campaigned for a non-government organization charity by the name of War Child, a charity that delivers vital child protection, education, and psychosocial support to children of conflict. The students researched the needs of the children, made pamphlets and posters, and prepared an elevator pitch where they explained the goals and objectives of fundraising. The students visited the Resistance Museum and campaigned for the issue in Nyhavn. 


MYP 4: The MYPs engaged in a Work Experience. The students had previously written a curriculum vitae (CV) and filmed an elevator pitch to send out to multiple companies and possible employers and they spent the week working at the location of employment. The aim of the work experience week is to provide the students with an opportunity to participate in the modern workspace, to help them get a better understanding of an employee’s tasks, expectations, and rewards, as well as gaining insight into possible future career paths.


MYP 5: The MYP5 students engaged in an IDU collaboration between Art and Design where they explored surrealism and filmmaking using the key concept of Time, Place, and Space. This year, the students visited locations in and around Copenhagen, including Kastellet, Vestre Kirkegård, Sydhavnstippen, Copenhagen Contemporary at Refshaleøen, Hornbæk, Helsingør and Bakken. The material filmed will be cut into a series of experimental montages which will be shown at the annual ISH film show.  Below is the process video for the MYP 5 core week trip.