Home Language

Maintenance of home language is encouraged and supported at ISH. We recognise that continuing to develop students’ home language and literacy skills in their home language support the development of their English language skills. At ISH, we facilitate home language programs after school by providing classroom space and arranging for teachers to deliver instruction and helping to set up each of the programs.

Classes will have a maximum of 5 students and the cost of the classes will be 1600 kr for term 1: Sept-Dec 2020 and 1600 kr for term 2: Jan – May 2021. In case of a lockdown, the lessons will be postponed until later in the year or held online. If you are interested in registering your child(ren), please contact the teacher of the program you would like to register for. All classes will start in the first week of September unless otherwise noted below. The day and time will be agreed with the teachers when you register.

Arabic: Sally Eyd Jørgensen - sallyeyd@gmail.com  

Chinese: Xue (Sherrie) Peng  彭雪 - sherriepeng@gmail.com  

PYP Danish (extra): Maria Kristensen  - ariakristensen4130@gmail.com 

MYP Danish (extra): Anna Anna Krogh Kristensen-Trejo - akristensen-trejo@ish.dk 

French: Géraldine Billaudel - Billaudelgeraldine@gmail.com 

German: Verena Jain-Warden - verena.jainwarden@gmail.com

Hindi: Farah Kausar - farrakausar@gmail.com 

Italian: Ammir Stefan El-Mehrat - amir.stefan.uk@gmail.com 

Korean (sponsored by the Korean Embassy): Sunhee Lee - Lsunhee@hotmail.com 

Polish: Paulina Kucharska - pkucharska@ish.dk 

European Portuguese: Teresa Maltez - t.maltez@gmail.com 

Brazilian Portuguese: Delcilene Maria De Fraga - ddefraga@ish.dk

Romanian: Alina Cernat - acernat@ish.dk 

Russian: Maria Andrianova - marriashe@gmail.com 

Spanish: Victoria Sanchez - v.jorquera2376@gmail.com